IGADEN, a manufacturer of water treatment systems, offers suitable wastewater treatment equipment,
considering environmental conservation and CO2 reduction. We design and manufacture energy- and space-saving equipment to meet your need Manufacture and sales of chemical-free water treatment systems Purification of cooling tower circulation water without using chemicals, removal of scales, and prevention of red-rust

Cooling Tower Circulation Water Treatment System 
As scales (silica, calcium, etc) in cooling tower circulation water
are deposited, collected, and removed through the electrolysis
process, the cleaning cost can be drastically reduced. Removal
of scales on pipes, prevention of scales and red-rust Improving
the quality of circulating water can reduce the amount of
makeup water, leading to water conservation. Eco-friendly scale
removal systems, an alternative for the water treatment systems using chemicals

Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Cleaning Water System  
 Chemical-free electrolytically concentrated alkali cleaning water
generating system using only water (no sodium-base, silica)
Passed all drinking water standards, except pH Suitable for
cleaning cooking equipment, removing oil of machining tools, and
deposited contamination

Electrolytically Concentrated Alkali Cleaning Water
Patented electrolyzed alkaline water for cleaning Chemical-free
and suitable for cleaning cooking equipment and fans For
cleaning oils, tobacco stains, and food smoking equipment
Passed all drinking water standards except pH.

Power-saving and chemical-free electrolysis water treatment
system New technology for advanced wastewater treatment,
producing less sludge, compared to conventional methods Many
experiences for ISO14000 certification
Wastewater Treatment System MICRO WATER SYSTEM
Water Treatment System Q&A

Plant wastewater treatment Oil/water separation, ammonia
decomposition, decoloration, persistent wastewater treatment
COD/BOD wastewater treatment Water treatment for
river/sewage effluent and reuse Measures for small business
wastewater guideline
Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Purification of eutrophicated lakes Water treatment system for
separating and collecting algae and water-blooms in lakes

Lake Water Purification System, Algae Removal System

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